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Thank you for your continued support thus far. We truly appreciate your ongoing patronage and loyalty. Although it has been some time since our last update, we wanted to post some news and information that we believe you will find useful.

It certainly has been a unique year for APC. We are extremely grateful for the lessons learned and experience gained. After over five years in business organically capitalized by our founders, APC partnered with another financial organization to bridge the gap into the new, Proposition-64 market; sadly, it became clear within a few months that our mission and vision were not aligned with the goals of the financier. APC made the difficult choice to cease operations in March of 2019 until we were able to find a partner that more directly correlated with our business practices.

We are delighted to say that APC is on-track regarding this extensive process. As a women-founded cannabis service, it has been a challenging endeavor to connect with investors that comprehensively align. Our founders are currently building relationships with venture capital firms and outstanding humans, confident that the right financial partner is within reach. We look forward to closing our funding round as soon as possible and relaunching in San Diego with the same, consistent 5-star service you have come to know and love.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in investing, please send all correspondence to: contact@apcmmj.com and we will be delighted to return your inquiry.

Peace, Love, and Cannabis –


The APC Team

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