About Us

Alternative Patient Care is San Diego’s finest cannabis delivery service. We are female owned, and specialize in providing our members with safe and convenient access to quality cannabis. APC operates legally under California Proposition 215, California HSC 11362.5, and Senate Bill 420. We are a HIPAA compliant delivery service, and pride ourselves in offering exemplary member care and professionalism. Our core company focus revolves around setting higher standards in the cannabis industry, and we pride ourselves on maintaining our outstanding reputation and safe working environment.

Having been in operation since 2013, APC is looking to make these factors stand out exponentially against the competition. Our vision is to be the number one legally operating cannabis delivery service by 2020. We believe that our extensive knowledge base, drive towards progression, and our passion for the industry will more than set us apart from any competition. Our entire vision, and consequently, our process, structure, and strategy is aimed toward providing easy, convenient, and reliable cannabis access to those who need it most.


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Alternative Patient Care
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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want patients to be satisfied with the medication they donated for. No one likes to order from a service, only to later feel that their money has been wasted on something they do not ultimately prefer. With the decreasing number of walk-in storefronts in tandem with the convenience of delivery, APC offers a, “peace-of-mind,” solution in the form of our satisfaction guarantee policy.

If for any reason a patient is unsatisfied with his or her flower donation, they have within one week of their order date to give us a call so we can swap out the product for another offering on our menu. APC will dispatch a professional to exchange the value of remaining unused cannabis for another flower option. Even if the price brackets are varied, APC uses a special algebraic equation to make sure that every patient gets to exchange the exact value for something else on our menu in the event they are unsatisfied with their initial donation.

We have had various reasons as to why patients return medicine (“It’s too strong,” or, “This makes me more energetic than I had originally hoped,”), and we pride ourselves on making the return process an extremely comfortable one.

Price Matching

APC will match the lower price of any identical, industry-standard product offered at another DELIVERY-ONLY cannabis service in San Diego. This does not apply to cannabis flower strains, as the quality and consistency varies from vendor to vendor.

An example of an identical, industry standard product would be anything from the Bhang Chocolates company or from Cheeba Chews, to name a few. Those companies distribute the same, identical products all over San Diego County. If a patient is able to find one of those products offered at a lower price from another delivery-only service, APC will match that lower price as long as that product is current on our competitors’ menu.